the boys are back in town

here we are. messed up and lazy.

we quit myspace because we are fed up with this bullshit. until we got our own “real” website, this will be our place in the all mighty worldwideweb. in case someone is interested in us, check this site from time to time and we´ll keep you updated about shows, recordings, releases and some other nice uninteresting stuff.

from december 27th -30th we are in berlin, recording our upcoming 12″ at the hidden planet studio. our last show this year is in berlin on dec 30th, the venue is called Scherer8.  our buddy Lenin invited us and we are really looking forward to this show.


About CN Roundhouse Kick

to make a long boring story short: 4 smart guys playing some asskicking music and call themself CN Roundhouse Kick. since july 2007 we played more than 70 shows in countries like the czech republic, hungary, slovakia, romania, sweden, denmark and the united kingdom, had a couple of line up changes & met some awesome people. DIY. contact us here cn-rhk(at)
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