releases. reviews. winter tour.

here are our first four reviews of our latest record “Phantomschmerz”:
Slays For Days Zine
Lurker´s Path
Borderline Fuckup
Don´t Count On It

we also made some tapes, limited to 50copies.







by the way, here is a picture of the one sided 12″. i found some leftovers of our self titled 7″ and they are kind of an exclusive present.






here is the current tour route with confirmed shows. the dates without a venue are confirmed but the venues are to be announced. there are some open gaps, would be nice if someone is able to help us.

25.12. – ruda slaska, poland @ adk berza
26.12. – lubline, poland @ tektura
27.12. – need help in kosice, krakow area
28.12. – cluj napoca, romania @ la gazette
29.12. – sibiu, romania
30.12. – brasov, romania @ ground zero
31.12. – bukarest, romania
01.01. – day off
02.01. – plovdiv, bulgaria @ puzzle
03.01. – need help in varna, burgas or istanbul
04.01. – need help somewhere in northern greece
05.01. – athens, greece
06.01. – volos, greece @ riot squat
07.01. – thessaloniki, greece @ biologica squat
08.01. – novi sad, serbia
09.01. – ajka, hungary
10.01. – graz, austria

check out distinct cult, they are on tour with us:

Myspace or Facebook

super beer me, cn rhk.


About CN Roundhouse Kick

to make a long boring story short: 4 smart guys playing some asskicking music and call themself CN Roundhouse Kick. since july 2007 we played more than 70 shows in countries like the czech republic, hungary, slovakia, romania, sweden, denmark and the united kingdom, had a couple of line up changes & met some awesome people. DIY. contact us here cn-rhk(at)
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