winter tour. record release.

the trip to austria and our shows in the czech republic were great. we are looking forward to play in weimar at the gerberstraße with grand griffon and caleya on oct 15th. the records are available, you can buy them directly from us and in a few weeks from various distros. we want to play as many shows as possible until the winter tour, drop us a line if you want us in your city.
thats it.

25/12 – POL – ruda slaska @ adk berza
26/12 – POL – lublin @ tektura
27/12 – SK – need help
28/12 – RO – cluj napoca @ la gazette
29/12 – RO – sibiu
30/12 – RO – brasov @ ground zero club
31/12 – RO – bukarest
01/01 – day off
02/01 – GR – kavala
03/01 – GR – thessaloniki @ biologica squat
04/01 – GR – athen
05/01 – GR – need help
06/01 – GR – volos @ riot squat
07/01 – MZ – kumanovo @ mk bingo
08/01 – SER – novi sad
09/01 – HU – need help
10/01 – CZ – need help

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work sucks.

our drummer got a new job and thats the reason why we have to cancel the show tonight in decin and tomorrow in roznov. we are really sorry about it. decin is replaced to the last weekend of september, we are waiting on the confirmation. the records are here and you can pre order one, just drope a line to cn-rhk at

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new record “Phantomschmerz”

the testpressings are done and it sounds nice. next week the records will arrive us. you can preorder them, just write an email to

here are a few upcoming shows:
08/09 – CZ – decin @ biograffs
09/09 – CZ – roznov @ vrah
10/09 – AUT – vienna @ ekh
11/09 – CZ – polna @ zamecka rychta

more or less to come.

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split with gumilinski & topograph zemlemer arrived

good evening,
today our split cds arrived from russia. nikita from chucky the rat records released this cd last year in march but due some shitty circumstances they didnt arrive. anyway. now they are finally here and you can buy them at our shows. in case you cant wait, drop us a line and we send one to you. thanks for an awesome artwork mascha!!!

here are the links to the bands and people who released it:
Gumilinski –
Topograph Zemlemer –
Chucky The Rat Records –
Revive Distro –
Imhopang Distro –
Daniil Kharms Distro –

and some pictures of it:
Split CD - FrontSplit CD - Inside




by the way, i deleted the media section and uploaded a player for each record we released. check the disco page on this blog and you´ll find anything necessary. as soon as possible we do the final mixing and mastering of the upcoming 12inch and maybe we can release it in early summer.

bupp u dupp u du.

cn rhk

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new player.

hey guys,
the weekend in the czech republic was amazing and we are looking forward to coming back in late april. until then, waste your time and listen to some new songs:

cn rhk

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the czech weekender

hey fellas,

in 3 weeks we are coming to the czech republic once again and play friday the 04th of feb in decin, the 5th in usti nad labem and maybe a 3rd show. thanks to rene from blu 82/b who helped us with those shows! we really looking forward to these shows because everytime we have been in the czech republic it was amazing and we met a lot of nice people who are friends of us. there are also cool bands on the bill like gattaca ( or dezinfekce ( check them out they are worth it! here are the flyer for the shows:

4th of feb5th of feb

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finished the recordings.

we just finished recording our stuff plus we found out that our studio is under the studio of lexy and k paul we are proud to record out music in these most famous halls of never dying 90s techno music. at the moment we are listening to the stuff, mixing and shit and things you know. tomorrow we will rock extremely hard and painful in the schererstraße so kommt vorbei hängt mit uns rum and listen to the new shit.


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